The Beauty Questions Everyone Was Googling This Year

The Beauty Questions Everyone Was Googling This Year

Google just released the year’s top trending seeks, and in the beauty category, all things eyelashes dominated. The #1 top trending search this year was “how to apply magnetic eyelashes,” and thankfully, we found a simple answer to that false lash query. The 2nd top trending search was “what is a lash lift,” trailed by “how to remove individual lashes” in 3rd place. 

Given the popularity of eyelash procedures, like shades and extensions, lengthening and thickening mascaras, and the rebirth of the false lash with magnetic strips, we can’t really say we’re all that amazed. 

Of course, eyelashes didn’t take over the entire top 5. Questions on cat eyes and hair color made it on the list of top trending searches, too. 

  1. What hair color looks best on me
  2. How to do cat eye
  3. How to take off makeup without makeup wipes
  4. How to apply aloe vera
  5. How to glue down eyebrows

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