Cleaning Tools Every Car Owner Needs to Look Like a Pro

Cleaning Tools Every Car Owner Needs to Look Like a Pro

Do you want to make your car shine inside and out? For that you need to do work hard and you also need to have the right tools .

So, let’s get started with the name of those tools:

Interior Car Cleaning

Cleaning the internal side of your car is necessary for maintenance and worth. If you get too much junk and dust on the floor or on the dashboard, it can get in the way of your driving. If your windows get too dirty, the dust could prevent you from seeing an oncoming vehicle this can cause a smash. It is also necessary for the look and value of your vehicle, plus making sure it looks good will promote one’s self esteem when going places socially.

Foam Sponge

Use a foam sponge to apply an all purpose internal clean,as well as little foam brushes can also be used to remove dust from internal vent.

Soft bristle brush and upholstery cleaner

Use a soft bristle brush combined with an upholstery cleaner to loosen hard-to-reach buildup either on the fabric or leather material.


To remove stains from carpets,use a vacuum to get a surface dirt free,then apply a foam like product.we recommend you to purchase a vacuum that has a good suction but also pumps air out.

once you done with the internal area move to the out.

Cleaning car exterior

if you have done with interior cleaning you can now move on to the exterior one.

Two buckets and car wash soap

For external cleaning you need two buckets-one is filled with clean water and other with water containing car wash soap in it.

Car wash glove

You also need to have a car wash glove with long fuzzy finger to trap the dust, which is much better than a sponge. Start by taking the glove, place it in the rinse bucket and then dip it into the other with foam.Then clean off the front bumper.

Once you’re done with that,you put your glove back into the bucket with just water and rinse it off.

Absorbent waffle weave microfiber towels

If you don’t want to sit water on the surface for long time without drying,resulting which hard water darks spots ,then you can use microfiber towel for drying starting from top to bottom.

Clay bar

Now you can remove any fixed dirt with a clay bar, which usually comes in a kit with a quick detailing solution.some people like to use clay bar first before rinse or wash.

Dual-action polishing machine

Next comes polishing.Dual-action polishing machine is such a machine which not only does a full circle but also jiggles left to right, helping to prevent heat growth.

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